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Head Pain

Chiropractor For Head Pain in Greenville, SC

Chiropractor For Head Pain In Greenville, SC.

Headaches can be a nuisance and especially if they persist. They rob you of your peace and happiness, and this can even limit your day to day activities. Most people suffer from headaches all around the world. Some are usually mild and manageable, while others can cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. The most common way of addressing a headache is by use of a painkiller. However, taking too many painkillers is not advisable. Sometimes, your body may become resistant and not even respond to the painkillers. Research shows that chiropractic treatment can be used to relieve one from intense headaches. It includes spinal manipulation, passive and active exercises by a chiropractor to relax the muscles and release the tension headaches. As much as chiropractic treatments have become prevalent, it is not really clear whether it helps to relieve one from all types of headaches. Some types of headaches will not respond to chiropractic treatment, while some, such as cervicogenic headaches, may respond. It is therefore important to visit your doctor for examinations so that you may know which kind of headache you have. This will help you seek the right treatment.

How Does Chiropractic Therapy Help In Treating Cervinogenic Headaches?

If you usually get one-sided pains that start from the back of your head then move to the front of your head, you are probably suffering from cervicogenic headaches. They are usually accompanied by arm pain or the same side shoulder pain sometimes. These pains are said to come as a result of an underlying neck problem or even an injury. As much as they are not very common, these type of headache doesn’t get better with medication, a reason one is advised to get a spinal manipulation done by a chiropractor. The chiropractor who is trained to perform spinal manipulation uses their hands to apply controlled pressure to a particular joint in your spine. Some will use a device for the same purpose. The area of focus, when doing spinal manipulation is the cervical spine, which is usually located on the upper part of the spine, in the neck. The effects of spinal manipulation to treat this kind of headache is often short-lived, a reason you need to get the procedure done often.

Joint Mobilization And Flexion Exercises.

Apart from spinal manipulation, there are other chiropractic procedures that can be used to relieve one from the headache. These include the joint mobilization and flexion exercises. In joint mobilization, the chiropractor will passively move your joints with the aim of improving movement and relieving you from pain. It also targets the cervical spine. The deep neck flexion exercises are a bit complex and can only be done by a professional. The person doing it is supposed to actively move your joints and muscles in a controlled way to release any tension that might be there and relieve you from the pain.

Headaches may limit you from thinking clearly and becoming productive. You should not dismiss it, especially if you realize that the headaches have become persistent over time. Consult with your doctor to know which type of headache you have and how best you can minimize the pain. Chiropractic treatment may help you feel better.